Monday, October 8, 2012

Once Again Back Is the Incredible ...

For those of you that remember the Sleep Deprived Single Father website and all of the hilarious stories and poignant musings on parenthood and work and life, you've probably noticed the sudden laps in blogs. You've probably been wondering what happened to me. Did I join the witness protection program? Did I finally fall asleep and end up in a coma of sleep debt? Did I disappear under a ton of ungraded essays? True, there have been many changes in my life. Distractions have occurred that have kept me off the blog routine and limited my time for writing, but all of them have been wonderful distractions.

It's the same old story.  In July of 2011, I met a beautiful, loving, intelligent, Christian woman and decided to marry. Actually, it didn't happen that quickly, but almost. By September, she had met the kids. By December I had proposed, and we married at the end of March. We made plans, talked about waiting a couple of years to have our own children, about buying a new house to accomodate the growing family, and planned a beautiful honeymoon in the Bahamas. And then a month after the wedding, we found out we were pregnant. Ooooops! So, everything has been great, we get along well, and the kids seem to love her as much as she loves them, which is a lot. It's also great having a woman in the home to handle some of the female issues that I don't want to deal with and my daughter doesn't want to talk to me about.

So this is the story of new beginnings, of a blended family with mixed heritage, of a newlywed couple getting a head start on expanding the family, and all of the successes and failures that come with it all.

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