Sunday, April 10, 2016

Happy Days

People who know me well know that I have very vivid and complicated dreams. Last night's dream was the craziest yet, and that's saying something.

I dreamed a complete, very special, two-part episode of Happy Days, on the theme of religion, featuring Aretha Franklin.

The plot was that there's a new kid at the high school who's Muslim, and some of the gang is flipping out about it. Plus Aretha Franklin's tour bus breaks down outside of Arnold's and her whole crew drops in for a while.

Highlights of the episode included:
1) Richie and Joanie asking Mr. Cunningham why he doesn't like Muslims
2) Pat "Arnold" Morita talking about religion in his country
3) Aretha performing "Respect" at Arnold's in the second part
4) Richie sticks up for the new Muslim kid
5) Potsie tells a bully to stop bothering the kid and "sit on it"
6) Fonzie gives Aretha a ride on his motorcycle
7) Al says that if the Muslims take over, he's changing his last name from Delvecchio to Jazeera
8) Fonzie gives the Muslim kid an encouraging talk and some tips on how to be cool
9) Aretha talks about Muslims she knows in the music business

There was even a "previously on Happy Days" montage between the episodes.

I couldn't get back to sleep for a while, so many questions running through my head. First, what kind of anachronistic nonsense is this? Second, when was the last time I even watched Happy Days? Third, is it too late to get into writing sit-coms now?

Also, this is why I don't need cable TV.

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